Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bathing Beauty

Current Weight: Don't know...on vacation.
Total Lost: Somewhere around 105 lbs.

Right now I'm supposed to be at school.
The day back from break...yuck.
I should be in first hour right now yelling at people to get their projects done.
But where am I instead?
Wisconsin Dells...The Glacier Canyon Lodge
It's part of the Wilderness Resort.
Huge place with 3 indoor water parks.

Now...why is this entry in my bypass blog?
I just had to share how proud of myself I am.
Last year...same time...getting up to those water slides was a chore.
I ran out of breath.
I had to take a break half way up the stairs.
My heart raced.
Getting into and out of a tube was embarrassing.

This year....
I flew up those stairs.
No breaks.
Tons of breath left.
And I ran back up there three times in a row.
It felt good.

My bathing suit hangs off of me, but where do you buy a new suit in January?
I'm wearing shorts to hide my thighs and the shorts are too big!
I have so much more confidence in myself.
I'm not embarrassed to walk around in my suit this year.
I just feel so good about myself these days.

If this was as low as I got...I'd be happy.

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