Sunday, August 27, 2006

Purging, Drinking and School...Nice Combination!

Current Weight: 216.2 lbs.
Total Lost: 70.5 lbs.

Yesterday I finally went through my clothes.
I just didn't want all the big stuff in my closet anymore.
It would be too tempting to wear them just because.
Then I would look dorky.
Now I have about 20 pairs of pants to get rid of
And a ton of shirts.
Out with the old and in with the new.
God bless the GoodWill store right now.

Last night Tammy and I went out to the bar.
I haven't been out there since March.
Before I just couldn't drink and wasn't up to it.
Yesterday was great!
I did drink and got drunk way faster than normal.
I just watched myself and was careful of my pacing.
I also noticed that my "buzz" wore off quicker than normal.
We ended up at about 4 different bars when we should have stayed at the first one.
Strolled into Steak n Shake at 3:30 a.m. and shared a turkey club with Tammy.
Slid into bed at 5 a.m. and yes...I am up at 8:30 a.m. for church.

The first week of school has been good.
Other teachers that I don't even talk to have noticed my weight loss.
Everyone says I look fantastic.
I have also started walking around the outside of my school during my lunch.
It takes me about 15 minutes to get around the whole thing. least I'm doing a consistant exercise.
But the compliments are very helpful and boost my self esteem.
I even fit into the lecture hall desk on the first teacher day.
I was totally excited.
I have been really good with eating too.
I make sure to always pack my lunch and grab something for breakfast.

All in all...I'm doing well.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Cardio Class, Beauty and My Hip Bone

Current Weight: 217.6 lbs.
Total Lost: 69.1 lbs.

Well...I wanted to lose 70 lbs. before school started.
I think I just might make it.
I've been doing a lot of yard work.
We have a ton of weeds and stupid grape vines.

Tammy and I signed up for a cardio class today.
It's two times a week starting Sept. 11.
We will drop the kids off at cheer and then head to Merrillville H.S.
We will probably die of heart attacks.
I'll keep you posted on this adventure.

I was at school the other day during registration.
One of my student's mother kept telling me how beautiful I was.
It was kind of weird because I don't hear that too often from strangers.
Tammy keeps telling me that I'm getting more beautiful every day.
Isn't she sweet?
She's worried that I'm going to get hot and leave her for someone cuter than her.
She's nuts.

Oh...I found my hip bone the other day!
Who knew I had one??
I've never seen it!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

New Pants and Water Slides

Current Weight: 221.4 lbs.
Total Lost: 65.3 lbs.

I went to TJ Max today just to browse for clothes.
I found a couple of pairs of black pants and decided to try them on.
They were a size 24.
The were TOO BIG!!!!
I was so excited!!
I found a size 22 pair that fit great and I bought them!!
And the best part....they were only $13.
Happy day all around!

Yesterday we went up to Six Flags Great America.
I had a blast!
I went on the Demon, the Whizzer, Scrambler, Log Ride.
The bar on the Scrambler even fit down this time!
Totally exciting.
BJ and I went down three waterslides and had so much fun.
I climbed up all the stairs to get to the slides and I wasn't out of breath!!

School starts again on the 22nd.
I want to get down 70 lbs before then.
75 lbs. down would be quite awesome.
We'll see.

Incision...stilllllllllll leaking!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

60 Pounds Down!

60 Pounds Down!
Originally uploaded by WadyPhoto.
Here's my front view after the 60 lb drop. I think I'm going to wear a different outfit during the next set of pictures. Those shorts fall off with just a little wiggle. I can't wear them out in public anymore! Check out my arms and ankles. You can even tell I have boobs!

60 Pounds Down!

60 Pounds Down!
Originally uploaded by WadyPhoto.
Here's my side view after losing 60 lbs. Sorry it took so long to get these pictures up. I'm starting to look sexy!

Heat, Doctor and Food

Curret Weight: 223.0 lbs.
Total Lost: 63.7 lbs.

I can't believe the summer is almost over!
Where did it go?

Yesterday I decided that there wasn't much time left.
SO...I got outside and trimmed my bushes. was 97 degrees out, which felt like 110.
Pretty stupid thing to do in that heat.
I like the heat.
I moved slow and drank lots of water.
I even cut my front lawn.
It was worth it!
I lost 2 lbs!

Went to my regular doctor on Tuesday for a physical.
Everything looks good.
Having some blood work done just to make sure.
He's pretty impressed with my progress and says I look good.

I still have no appetite.
I very rarely get hungry...ever.
I never crave anything anymore.
It's really weird because right now I'm hooked on the Food Network.
I find cool stuff to try and make, but then my craving just passes.
I'm queen of the grill here and every time I grill something it looks great!
I sit down to eat it with the family and I get sick to my stomach without taking a bite!
I hope this passes.