Wednesday, August 09, 2006

New Pants and Water Slides

Current Weight: 221.4 lbs.
Total Lost: 65.3 lbs.

I went to TJ Max today just to browse for clothes.
I found a couple of pairs of black pants and decided to try them on.
They were a size 24.
The were TOO BIG!!!!
I was so excited!!
I found a size 22 pair that fit great and I bought them!!
And the best part....they were only $13.
Happy day all around!

Yesterday we went up to Six Flags Great America.
I had a blast!
I went on the Demon, the Whizzer, Scrambler, Log Ride.
The bar on the Scrambler even fit down this time!
Totally exciting.
BJ and I went down three waterslides and had so much fun.
I climbed up all the stairs to get to the slides and I wasn't out of breath!!

School starts again on the 22nd.
I want to get down 70 lbs before then.
75 lbs. down would be quite awesome.
We'll see.

Incision...stilllllllllll leaking!

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Allan said...

Fantastic. Congrats on your success !!!