Thursday, August 03, 2006

Heat, Doctor and Food

Curret Weight: 223.0 lbs.
Total Lost: 63.7 lbs.

I can't believe the summer is almost over!
Where did it go?

Yesterday I decided that there wasn't much time left.
SO...I got outside and trimmed my bushes. was 97 degrees out, which felt like 110.
Pretty stupid thing to do in that heat.
I like the heat.
I moved slow and drank lots of water.
I even cut my front lawn.
It was worth it!
I lost 2 lbs!

Went to my regular doctor on Tuesday for a physical.
Everything looks good.
Having some blood work done just to make sure.
He's pretty impressed with my progress and says I look good.

I still have no appetite.
I very rarely get hungry...ever.
I never crave anything anymore.
It's really weird because right now I'm hooked on the Food Network.
I find cool stuff to try and make, but then my craving just passes.
I'm queen of the grill here and every time I grill something it looks great!
I sit down to eat it with the family and I get sick to my stomach without taking a bite!
I hope this passes.


Anonymous said...

You look GREAT!!!
Way to go Carrie...enjoy the last few days of summer.

The Gogel's

Anonymous said...

Way to go! Looking good and know you must feel good, too...