Sunday, July 23, 2006

Roller Coaster Blues

Current Weight: Don't know...didn't weigh this morning.
Total Lost: Hopefully still around 60 lbs.

We went to Kentucky Kingdom this weekend.
Fun place...4 hours away...nice little weekend.

Here's a back story.
Went to Kentucky Kingdom two years ago.
I hate roller coasters.
The only one I wanted to go on was wooden and didn't go up-side-down.
I got in and didn't fit.
I sqeezed, but no.
I got booted off because I was too fat.
I cried.
BJ cried.
It was sad and embarrassing.

So, I went to conquer that damn roller coaster again.
I mean...hey....I've lost 60 lbs. for pete's sake!
I should be able to fit!
I did fit in the seat this time.
Slid in real nice.
The damn seat belt was so freaking short!
I couldn't get it fastened.
This time I wasn't the only one booted off.
There were two other big girls that couldn't ride too.
At least I didn't cry this time.
I was happy that I fit in the seat.
That ride must be small or something.
Whatever...I still look hot.

My incision hole is the size of a pinhole now.
Still leaking though!
I have been wearing a panty liner on my belly for 4 months now.
4 months!!!
Just imagine how sexy that is.


Anonymous said...

What progress you're making! Keep it up-- looking forward to the new pictures-- any day now, right? As far as the panty liner,'s not a big ol' maxi with wings...

Fearless Artist said...

You are doing so great! I too, have had the "roller coaster nightmare" and know how that feels. Isnt it great that it did not matter as much this time.. Whoo HOO! Progress!

Jen14221 said...

Your sexy comment at the bottom made me laugh out loud! You're funny.
P.S. I can't laugh b/c I am 7 days post gastric bypass.