Thursday, January 11, 2007


Current Weight: 179.4 lbs.
Total Lost: 107.3 lbs.

The alarm clock didn't even go off this morning.
I rolled over and the green numbers glowed 5:01.
I decided this was the day I was going to start running.
No special reason.
I just want to run.
Maybe it could be a future goal.
Maybe I could run a marathon one day.
Who knows?

I stretched.
I dressed.
I inserted my ear buds and pressed play.
I ran.

It was dark outside so no one could see me.
No one could make fun of me for stopping.
No one to laugh at my fat flying around.

It took me four songs.
It took about 13 minutes.
I ran one mile.
But I did it.

I felt so good afterwards.
I was so impressed with how long I could actually run without stopping.
Now I only need the determination to keep going and do it again.


baf said...

Way to go! Before you know it you will want everyone to see you running :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go! I enjoy reading your blogs. They keep me thinking positive. Today is my 1 month anniversary and I'm down 34.8lbs. Current weight 272.2. I read your blog and thought geez, I'm 100lbs away from feeling the way you do! Keep up the good work and the running. I hate exercising but I can't wait for my 6 week appointment to get the green light to start! Just know your story/blog is inspirational!