Sunday, December 31, 2006

Jeans, Virgina and Pizza

Curent Weight: 178.6 lbs.
Total Lost: 108.1 lbs.

I can't even remember the last time I was in the 170s.
Too weird to comprehend.
I just went to Old Navy the other day.
I was forced into buying a Size 12 pair of jeans.
Tammy refused to let my by bigger.
Smaller is scary.
What if I never get there?

Tammy and I took a trip to Virginia this week.
She had a school residency program to accomplish.
I was there for fun.
Almost every meal Tammy and I shared.
It really cut our food cost down.

Yesterday at the airport I got a slice of pizza.
And it was a brand new pizza out of the oven.
The lady picked the BIGGEST slice to give me.
I almost told you give me a smaller piece?
But I didn't.
It's the fatty in me coming out.
Why would I pay $3 a slice for a small slice?
If I'm paying that much...I want a lot.
Not that I'm going to eat it all...I just want it.

So, I have this huge slice hanging out of the box cuz it's so big.
I sit down and tackle it.
Cheese is my weakness.
I ate the whole thing except the 7 inch long crust part.
It was so good.
And that was the last thing I ate for the night.

Almost half way to 120 lbs down.
Two and a half months until my year anniversary.
What weight do you think I'll be on March 20, 2007?
Let's take some wagers and have a contest!

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