Sunday, May 28, 2006

Finally Past the 40 lb Mark!

Current Weight: 244.6
Total Lost: 42.1 lbs.

Yesterday we a rough day.
I got sick about three times.
That was every time I ate!
Blah...I have to get back to eating good things.

It's rough because everyone around can eat what they want.
I can now eat anything I want too...consistency wise.
The thing is...some foods just don't agree.
Or sometimes I just get too excited about eating
And then I eat too fast.
Not smart.

The two things I haven't had are bread and pop.
I have had a couple of sips of pop...but not a whole can or anything like that.
Pita bread and tortillas are ok with me.
Buns, rolls and regular bread gets stuck.

I think we are getting the bikes out of the shed today.


for_the_lonely said...

40 lbs!!! WTG, Carrie!!! That is just awesome! Keep rockin' it, girl!

Hugs to ya,

Jeulean said...

You are "meltingggg...". Doing a good job, keep it up! :)