Friday, May 26, 2006

Before and After Front View

Before and After Front View
Originally uploaded by WadyPhoto.
Current Weight: 246.8 lbs.
Total Lost: 39.9 lbs.

I look like a butterball on the left!!! I have now found dimples on my face that I never knew I had. All of my pants/shorts and bras are sagging! It was really cool to Photoshop these two pictures together. It really shows a difference! Looking at them gives me encouragment to keep going.

Bad nurse friend says my scar is infected. I better get that checked out.

Good note...I can eat a lot of different stuff now. Bread is still a no no because it gets stuck. Sugar is also evil.


Anonymous said...

Way to go! You're lookin' good...

Anonymous said...

That is amazing Carrie. I barely remember the girl on the left!