Tuesday, April 11, 2006

First Day Back at School

Current Weight: 264 lbs.
Total Lost: 22.7 lbs.

First day back at work.
Oh my goodness am I exhausted!

It's not like I did anything huge today.
Just the getting up and being there wore me out.
Everyone was happy to see me.
A lot of people could tell that I had lost some weight already.
I still don't see it.

I ate some Rice Crispies for breakfast before I left today.
Something I'm not used to because I usually skip breakfast.
During 2nd hour (or around 9 a.m.) I had a yogurt.
It took me all hour to finish that yogurt.

I usually eat lunch at 10:21 a.m.
Not anymore!
I had to wait until noon to do lunch today.
I nibbled on half of a banana and couldn't bring myself to the Slim Fast shake.
I was just too full!
I did make the shake during 4th hour or around 1 p.m.
I only drank half of it.

Tammy is making pork chops for dinner with fries.
Sounds good to me.
I'm eating and then hitting the hay.

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