Saturday, April 15, 2006

Doctor and Getting Sick

Current Weight: 263.2 lbs.
Total Lost: 23.5 lbs.

Well...yesterday BJ and I went up to see the doctor.
Traffic in Chicago now sucks big time.
My appointment was at 10:10 and I didn't get there until 10:40.
No worries.

The doctor said I looked great.
I was doing great with the eating and stuff.
I told him about the leaking and he said let's take a look.
It was oozing all over the place.
He took some Q-tips and popped the areas that were bubbled.
It stung like no other!!
It was so gross and it hurt.
He bandaged me back up and gave me an antibiotic to take.
Next appointment is May 5th.

So, BJ and I were on our way back.
He had school at 12:15 so we had to hurry.
We get into the parking garage and couldn't find my car!
It was so funny!
We went to the right floor, but couldn't find it!
So, we went down one.
I was clicking my lock and I heard it beeping, but I couldn't see it!!
We finally found it and we were on our way.
He was 20 minutes late for school, but he made it.

Last night Tammy and I went to a Pampered Chef party.
It was my first one.
It was fun until it was time to eat!
I thought I chose wisely and only at a small bit.
Just some tastes.
Oh!!! Bad idea!!! was my first time throwing up.
Bad, bad, bad.
It made me never want to eat snackie foods again.
Came home and went right to bed.

Well...I hope everyone has a Happy Easter!
I am still having Slovenian breakfast tomorrow.
I don't care if I get sick!!

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