Monday, April 10, 2006

Rough Weekend

Current Weight: 265.8 lbs.
Total Lost: 20.9 lbs.

Well...I had a pretty rough weekend.
I just wasn't feeling good!
I don't know if I wasn't eating enough or too much or what.
Maybe not the right things?
I'm feeling much better this morning.

I was supposed to go back to school today.
That didn't happen.
Because on Saturday afternoon while I was watching TV...
My scar started to leak.
And it hasn't stopped leaking since.

Dr. Vitello said it's nothing to worry about.
It's common.
He said to keep watching it and to make sure it doesn't get thick or smell bad.
Then I would need an antibiotic.
So now I'm walking around with a Kotex pad on my stomach which is very attractive.

I'm still a little sore in the belly, but not as bad as before.
I've kind of pulled myself off of the pain drugs.

Eating is still a challenge.
It's getting harder.
This morning I had a Slim Fast.
Not sure what I'm eating for lunch.

Until next time!

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