Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back on Schedule

School has started and it's rolling.
That picture on the right needs to be fixed.

Everyone at school keeps telling me how great I look.
Today I wore Tammy's black pants.
Size 10.
Honestly, I never thought I would ever fit a 10.
Never in my wildest dreams.
But I have to say...they did make my butt look good!
Just ask my mom!
She saw it!

But whatever...

I'm not weighing myself every single day anymore.
It's just too much for me.
So, I'm weighing every Monday
And on the 20th of every month.
This morning I was 165.0.
I would like to lose 10 more pounds by Christmas.

I'm on my "school" eating schedule.
Which means eating like 5-6 times a day.
I have something little for breakfast...
Usually on my way to school
With coffee, of course.
I eat a snack during 2nd hour all the time.
Then I eat a small lunch.
I eat the rest of my lunch on my way home.
I eat dinner with the family
And then maybe a little snack before bed.
That just depends on what time we eat dinner.
Small portions all the time.
That's my eating schedule these days.

As for the exercising...
Yeah...I'll get to that one of these days.

The mental roller coaster of this journey is a blog for another day.
But it needs to be said.


Historygrl said...

I still think you look Hot. I am very proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Well written article.