Monday, July 23, 2007

Bike Ride

So, today I decided to take a bike ride.
Finally...getting off my butt and actually exercising.
I thought it would be fun.
It is a beautiful day out...not too hot.
I thought to myself...hey...I have to get some postage.
Let's ride to the post office in town.
It's really not that far.
Or is it?
I started off thinking I was in a car.
Like I had to speed.
I quickly realized that I wasn't racing anyone
And if I wanted to make it home
Then I needed to pace myself.
I mean...come on...I haven't rode a bike like this since I was 11.
I decided to follow the bike trail near my house.
I've never been on it in the 4 years I've lived here.
I always wanted to know where it went.
Today I found out.
The trail ended at a main road up town.
I was so confused as to where I was though.
It was weird.
In a car it's as if you drive the same path every single day
And the car eventually drives itself.
On a bike..I had to think!
I made it to the post office in 40 minutes.
In a car it would take me about 7.
I should have checked before I left to see how many miles it was.
No...dingle head me checks when she gets home.
It was about 5 miles one way.
Who goes 10 miles on their first bike ride?
Dingle head me.
It cracks me up that last week we drove 11 hours
And made it to Virginia.
Today I rode a bike for 1 hour and 20 minutes
And I made it to town and back.
So, wait...are there any experts out there?
5 miles in 40 minutes is bad right?
I should pick up the pace a bit next time eh?
I wonder if I lost any weight?
P.S. Why does this thing put everything in one paragraph?
I always have paragraphs and it keeps lumping everything together.
I apologize for the smooshiness.

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Amber said...

10 miles on your first trip, you're nuts! Congrats on doing that, how awesome! I do 1 mile on the ellipticle and it takes me an average of 24 minutes, so I don't think 5 miles in 40 minutes is bad!