Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Fake Crystal Light

Current Weight: 188.0 lbs.
Total Lost: 98.7 lbs.

I finally got the tests done on my leg.
They all came back negative.
It doesn't hurt anymore so that's good.

I'm so close to 100 pounds down.
That means new pictures!
I haven't exercised in about 3 weeks.
I know...that's bad.
I have just been really busy with other things.
I gained 3 pounds of Thanksgiving.
I lost it in about 3 days.
I was stuck at 190 for about a week and a half.
Today I dropped two pounds.

Funny eating story...
I made a breakfast quiche for dinner the other night.
And some yummy cinnamon rolls.
The quiche was great.
I allowed myself a half a cinnamon roll...too much sugar for me.
I was drinking my Crystal Light and it tasted good!
Tammy was like...that's not Crystal Light.
It was Kool-Aid!!!
I just went right then and there to lay down.
Sure enough...two minutes later my heart was racing.
Stupid fake Crystal Light!!!

My hands are getting smaller
My feet are getting smaller
And my top stomach roll is almost non-existant.
I am one happy camper in the weight department.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Carrie! Just came across your blog and wanted to say congrats and good luck on your continued journey. My surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday and I'm so nervous and excited all at the same time! Will watch to follow your success! Amber