Friday, December 08, 2006

101.3 lbs Down!

101.3 lbs Down Side View
Originally uploaded by WadyPhoto.
Current Weight: 185.4 lbs.
Total Lost: 101.3 lbs.

Yes...I have reached the 100 lbs mark again!
I'm down to 101.3!
It sounds like a radio station.

I took pictures this morning and this is the side view.
I have a new outfit on because the other one just falls off.
I think I might use different shorts next time.
The purple ones are too long.

I really can't believe the difference.
I just don't even remember being that big!
I look at the picture on the left and I get tired.
I in the heck did I even move?

I'm going to post more pictures right now.
I know you'll all enjoy them.

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