Sunday, November 26, 2006

Bruise From Nowhere

Bruise From ???
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Current Weight: Don't know...Thanksgiving...Break From Weighing.
Total Lost: About 97 lbs. still

Last Monday I noticed this bruise on the back of my leg.
It hurt pretty good.
See that white spot in the middle?
That's where it hurts to the gentle touch.
I don't know how I got this.

I went to the doctor on Tuesday because I got worried.
I thought it could be a blood clot.
They checked my blood and said eveything looked ok.
She said to watch it and see if it changes and grows.

See the red line around it?
I drew that on Tuesday.
It has grown a little and gotten darker.

Ever since Tuesday I have noticed my right knee hurting.
It has gotten progressively worse.
Today it is a little swollen and crunches when I bend it.
Not good.
And I swear I haven't done anything to hurt my leg or knee!
I wonder if the two things are related.
I think I just might have to go back to the doctor tomorrow.
What do you think?


Historygrl said...

Get it checked out again. I wonder what could have done that to you???

Anonymous said...

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