Saturday, September 16, 2006

Realizing I'm Cute

Current Weight: 212.2 lbs.
Total Lost: 74.5 lbs.

Someone asked me if my inside is matching my outside.
Tammy has always told me how beautiful I am.
I always replied with, "whatever!"
She said that after day I would just totally see a change in myself.
That day occurred on Thursday.

I was drying my hair and I came from up-side-down and looked in the mirror.
I realized I was a total hottie!
My face has changed so much!
So for the past couple of days...I have been really vain.
I have been in such a great mood lately.
I'm just excited that I'm finally looking different and feeling great.
So, self confidence is getting higher and I'm very happy!


baf said...

What a fun thing!!!

Unknown said...

You are. A hottie, that is. I was thinking the same thing as I looked at your latest picture! Enjoy your new found confidence because you deserve to enjoy it.

gastricman said...

I have nothing but admiration for anyone who faces up to gastric bypass surgery and even more admirations for those that are willing to share their experience with others.

A great inspiration - many thanks.