Thursday, September 14, 2006

Cardio Kicking My Butt

Current Weight: 211.8 lbs.
Total Lost: 74.9 lbs.

Cardio class kicked my butt last night!
I am aching this morning in places I never knew I had!
Those old ladies in that class can really move!
I keep up pretty well with them
But some of the moves on the floor I couldn't do.
Some of them required stomach muscles that I don't think were ready yet.
Or they are just still pretty weak.
So I took it at my own pace.
I did learn how to do a proper sit up.
I need to do more of those.
This cardio lady makes Joel, my chiropractor workout guy, look like a nice guy.
I do feel great after the class is over though.
I love the cool down's my favorite because I know it's almost over!
If it would stop raining outside I would start walking again.
I would like to jet over to the pool after cardio too, but Tammy says cardio is enough.
Too bad...I'm going swimming too.
When did I get on this exercising kick?

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