Thursday, May 04, 2006

Someone Didn't Recognize Me!

Current Weight: 255.0
Total Lost: 32.6 lbs.

I'm going to see Dr. Vitello again tomorrow.
Just a check up.
Hopefully he'll have good things to say.

Yesterday we had our Journalism Banquet.
Nice buffet dinner.
Hell for me.
But I ate a little of a lot of things so it was good.
I didn't go overboard because I couldn't get sick because I was the emcee!

The owner of the hall where we have it didn't recognize me.
It was so great!
He was're not Wady!
He have lost a significant amount of weight then!
I was so excited!
Hopefully by the next banquet I will look totally hot.

I've been eating pretty good lately.
A lot of food just doesn't appeal to me anymore.
I will eat whatever Tammy makes but sometimes it is just gross going down.
I hate eating these days.
All my tastes are changing.

The only things that I still crave and love....pop and pizza.
Well...I crave think crust cheese pizza.
I can only eat like one little square of it but that's good enough for me.
Pop...I have only taken a couple of sips of Tammy's pop very seldomly.
Today it burned going down...too fizzy.
So...I think it's just the look of it that I crave and the coldness.
I have a weird obsession with water with A LOT of ice now.
No ice...can't drink it.
It has to be COLD.

Well....that's about all that's new with me.
My clothes are getting bigger on me!
And we bought shoes today for prom and my feet got smaller!

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Anonymous said...

Keep it up Wad you are doing great!