Friday, March 10, 2006

Pre-Op Appointment Day

My pre-op appointment was scheduled for 10 a.m.
I got there around 9.
It's ok...they got me in and out really quick.

I met with Dr. Vitello and signed my life away.
I then met with the dietician and we talked about food.
I have a big booklet to read about what I can and cannot eat.
I know....sad little booklet.
For the first week I have to have only liquids.
Then I need to purchase an awesome blender so I can puree all my food.
Fun stuff!

Then I went over to see the anastesiologist...ok...spelling stinks.
He asked me a bunch of questions and did some little tests.
Everything was good and I'm ready to go on March 20th!

By the way....

My current weight....286.7 lbs.


for_the_lonely said...

I am so excited for happy! Let's rock and roll!


Jeulean said...

I am sooo happy and excited for you. I'll be with you all the way and checking your progress. :)

Sending lots of good luck, good wishes, good thoughts, etc.