Sunday, April 13, 2008

29 Weeks Pregnant

I finally have a stomach again!
Weighed in this morning at 170.6!
I finally gained .6 pounds.
Go me!
Next Dr. appointment is tomorrow.
New grapes from Pay-Low.
OMG they are sooo good!
I am eating all the time.
Trying to be healthy.
Hopefully she is getting everything she needs.


Unknown said...

I came across your blog searching for information on this year's prom at Lake Central. (My youngest brother is graduation, and I'm out of state on assignment.)

I had no idea that you had gastric bypass surgery. I was shocked because I always thought you were beautiful the way you were, but I hope that you are feeling great and you found what you were looking for.

Also, congratulations on your pregnancy.

I had a baby boy 7 months ago.

Kate said...

Hello Carrie!

We haven't met but my name is Kate and I am from Massachusetts... I am hoping to be embarking upon a journey of my own and have found your blog to be motivational!

I was hoping there would be an email option as i had a question or two (if you'd be up for answering them??) but I don't see a link for one...

Should you feel so compelled, please feel free to drop me a line at

Thank you & congratulations (on both your remarkable success and on the bun in your oven! *smiling*)

Hope to hear from you.

- Kate

Lisa Sargese said...

You look good pregnant! Really healthy. Meh....I got rolls and no babies to show for it! Thanks for sharing yourself so candidly :-)