Sunday, December 09, 2007

Ho Ho Craving

I was at the grocery store this afternoon
And I was getting a little hungry.
I really wanted something sweet.
I decided on a Ho Ho.
I haven't had one in a long time.
The chocolate and white filling was totally calling me.

Now this story can be longer
Because I accidently STOLE the Ho Ho.
I feel totally bad about it.
It was hidden under my shopping list
And I didn't notice it until I was bagging my stuff.

I got to the truck and ripped it open.
Why are there 3 Ho Hos in a package?
Who really needs 3 Ho Hos at once?
One was gone before I even left the parking lot.
Tammy ate half a one when I got home.
I ate the other half.
And the last one is still on the counter. before surgery...all 3 would have been gone
Before I left the parking lot.
Now...I couldn't even look at the other two.

At least my craving was satisfied.

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