Monday, June 18, 2007

New Woman

I feel like a new woman.
I have done some things lately that I never would have dreamed.
For example...
Six Flags Great America.
I have always HATED roller coasters.
HATED them!
I was so scared of heights.
And so scared that I wouldn't fit in the seat.

Yesterday I went on a roller coaster
That shoots you straight up into a curl
At 65 miles per hour
In about 5 seconds.
Then you go backwards and straight up again.

I went on the Superman ride
Where you hang down like you're flying.
I had my hands out the whole time
And sang the Superman theme song
While soaring down the hill and up through a loop.
Ashlee kept yelling at me to shut up.
It was so much fun.

I wore a tank top to the park.
With my bathing suit top underneath.

Two years ago the kids and I wanted to go on the swings.
I wanted to relive my youth of the carnival days.
Ashlee had to squish me into the swing
And it hurt because I was squeezed into it.
When the ride was over
I tried to get out and my butt got stuck in the swing.
It was so embarrassing.

Yesterday we all went on them again
And I had plenty of room to spare.
It was so much more fun this time.

While waiting in line for Superman
There was a group of boys behind us.
A larger lady was getting strapped into the ride
And the workers had to do it twice to make sure it was secure.
The boys started making fun of her
And how she couldn't fit like a glove into the seat.
I felt so bad for her.

I remember how that felt.
The embarrassment of getting kicked off because I was too big.
I gave the boys the evil eye.
I should have said something
But I restrained myself.
They were boys, about 12 and don't know any better.
I just hope they all get beer bellies one day.

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Amber said...

Wow, that must have felt awesome to fit in the rides and not be totally miserable and uncomfortable! Way to go!