Thursday, March 29, 2007

Soccer Practice

Current Weight: 171.8 lbs.
Total Lost: 114.9 lbs.

On Sunday Tammy and I were informed that we were soccer coaches!
I was soooo excited.
I played soccer from first grade up until senior year of high school.
I was actually on the first high school girl's soccer team at our school.
I was a goalie and defender.
No wonder...I took up half the goal!

Our first practice was tonight.
Just an hour long.
We have 11 players...boys and girls mixed.
It was so much fun!!!!
I was running around with the kids.
I ran a lap to the tree and back and BEAT some of the kids.
Granted they are 6, 7, and 8...but come on...they should beat a 30 year old!

I taught them the proper way to pass the ball.
The proper way to do a throw in
And how to head the ball.
All in the first practice.

It felt so great to run around and be a coach and teacher.
I didn't have to worry about getting tired
Or what I looked like while running after the kids.
I wasn't even tired after the practice.

It was a great weight loss realization moment.

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