Saturday, February 17, 2007

Say No To Jalepeno Bites at 3 a.m.

If you've been tracking my stats to the right
You'll notice that I gained like 3 pounds.
Tip: Don't eat jalapeno bites from Arby's at 3:30 a.m.
Probably NOT the greatest dieting habit.

But come on...
You go out and have a good time.
You need something at 3 a.m. to refuel!
You would think jalapeno bites would ruin me..but they didn't.
I survived and they were good.
I just know that I have to shovel more snow today to work it off.

We went out to the bar last night again.
I wore a white tank top with a long sleeve white shirt over it.
I had a cute hat on too.
It is so much more fun going to the bar now.
I actually had a girl drag ME out on the dance floor with her.
The jell-o shot guy actually gave ME a free one.
I even felt so confident as to take off my long sleeve shirt for a bit.
I even sang kareoke for the first time in my life and loved it.

Towards the end of the night I saw two girls off to the side.
One girl had to have easily been about 400 lbs.
Her girlfriend was probably around my starting weight.
I felt bad for the bigger one because she was sort of dancing
But she was all hot and looked tired.
I wanted to go dance with them, but I didn't want to get my butt kicked.

I just related.
I remembered what that felt like.
To be in the back corner on a stool..not dancing and not having fun.
No one ever looked at me or ever asked me to dance.
I hated dancing because I thought people were laughing at me
And I felt like I was bumping into people.
Even Tammy didn't like dancing with me back then because I made her too hot.

Next time I see those girls I'm going to dance with them.
I'm such a shy person...I just can't jump in and dance with a random person.
I ran out of time last night to dance with them
Because we closed down the bar once again!

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