Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Evil Vending Machine

It's been 11 months since my surgery.
I'm down 112 lbs.
I have one month to go to the year mark.
Do you think I can make it down to 120 lbs down by March 20?
That would be like losing 10 lbs a month.
But not really because I only lost 3 lbs. last month.
But you get my drift.

I dug the ab roller out of my mom's basement the other day.
I did 100 crunches last night with no problems.
I also lifted weights for my flabby arms.
I need to start walking/running again!
Stupid snow!

I was very proud of myself at lunch today.
I had some slices of salami...
I know...Ash Wednesday...I totally forgot. :(
I also had some grapes for a snack at 9 a.m. and an orange.
I barely even touched my Diet Dr. Pepper.
It's on my desk getting warm and flat now.

I was eyeing the vending machine.
The Ding Dongs and Cherry Pie were calling my name.
I had a nice, crisp dollar bill from Sarah for teaching her class for her yesterday.
I kept looking over there like they were going away or something.

I was a good girl.
I put the dollar under the paper clip in my calendar.
I said, "Screw you vending machine!"
And I walked out of the teacher's lounge.

Carrie - 1 Vending Machine - 0

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Unknown said...

So what will you do for your year anniversary?! No matter how much you lose in the next month, look how far you've come!