Saturday, February 03, 2007

Good-bye To Buffets

Current Weight: Same as Below...but probably more now because I ate a lot for dinner and had 2 glasses of wine and Funions because it's a good combination damn it!
Total Lost: 110.5 lbs.

So that last post was a short one.
I had to gripe about the account thing.
I was just annoyed.

Tonight we went to Ponderosa for dinner.
Cheap steak and shrimp buffet place.
There was a coupon sticker on the local paper today.
I stole all of them.
Like I'm going to eat that many buffet dinners!
Who am I kidding?

Tammy and I split a steak.
It was good for the cheap place.
My first trip to the buffet consisted of:
1) 1 skinny slice of cheese pizza (didn't eat it all)
2) 6 friend shrimp (gone!)
3) 6 cold shrimp with shells (ick! gave up after one)
4) About 2 Tbs of shrimp scampi noodle crap (gone!)

My second trip to the buffet consisted of:
1) About 1/4 plate of salad with all the good stuff (only ate about half)
2) One small scoop of vanilla pudding with vanilla wafer cookies. (gone!)

And I had one glass of Dr. Pepper.
Not good to have really.
By the end of the salad, which I always eat last cuz I'm weird...
I was so full I needed a nap.
I ran to the car and hopped in the passenger seat.

I am done with buffets.
Seriously...why go there?
I can't eat jack and I'll never eat my moneys worth ever again!

So, this is my tribute to all buffet meals.
The good old Warsaw Inn.
Shakeys Pizza Parlor Buffet
The Buffet (pronounced like Jimmy Buffet) at Ball State
All Chinese Buffets


I just can't handle them anymore.
Waste of my money and time.
It plays on my emotions too much.
I see all that food and get waaaaaaay too excited.
I eat like I'm normal and then I pay later.
Not good.

Good-bye Buffets...Adios.

Where's the celery?


Anonymous said...

"I eat like I'm normal and then I pay later.
Not good.

Does this mean "normal" as in post-bypass or "normal" as in pre-bypass?

Buffets are not meant for the dieting, health conscious or those who are germ phobic...

Stay on your path to success-- you are looking and feeling sooooo good!

Unknown said...

Great new look, YOU and the blog!

Carrie said...

"I eat like I'm normal and then I pay later."

That is referring to me forgetting that I have a smaller stomach. I eat like I did before surgery and then I pay. Sometimes I just get so excited about food and eat like I have a regular stomach. It doesn't happen too often though. Most of the time I am very aware of my food limits.

Lisa said...

I want to tell you that your 'blog has been very helpful to me. My husband had his surgery in Jan '07, but when he announced to me his intention last summer, I was thrown for a loop and scrambled for as much information as I could gather. Thank you for your honesty and enthusiasm. I know what you mean about "normal". Even if our old ways really weren't "normal", they were normal to us. Yes, his surgery has been a catalyst towards healthier eating for all six of us. Best to you, we in SoCal are rooting for you.