Monday, March 27, 2006

Home At Last!

Weight - 274 lbs.
Total lost - 12 lbs.
Woo hoo!

Yes...I am finally off of the solid liquid diet!
I am so excited to start blending!
Tammy made me chicken salad last night.
I have pudding and Jell-O and all sorts of stuff ready to go.

All of my food has stayed down great.
My pain is going away slowly.
Sleeping is still a pain.
Start off on your side, roll to your back, roll to the other side.
It's just hard to get comfortable.

I finally came home yesterday afternoon.
It's good to be home.
I missed my bed and everything here.
Tammy cleaned the house and it looks awesome.

Mom was a great nurse.
She had a better hospital room set up for me than UIC did!
Thank you mom for taking care of me!

I have pictures to post, but I can't find the camera.
As soon as I find it, I will work on posting some.

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