Thursday, March 30, 2006

Doctor Appointment

Everyone knows that traffic in Chicago is horrible!
And going to get worse coming April 1.
We left home around 8:15 and got there at 9 a.m.
Record time! Who knew?!

We get up there and the receptionist says,
"Your appointment is tomorrow at 8:30 a.m."
I was like...Ummm no.
Dr. Vitello told me to come on Thursday between 10-12 because he would be on vacation.
She says...Oh yeah...He did leave for vacation yesterday.


Then another man walks in for Vitello too.
At least I didn't look like the lonely idiot who didn't know when to come in.
She paged Dr. Vitello and of course he didn't answer.
She then called the residents to come over and check us out.

They weighed me and it was different from my scale here so I'm not counting it.
They checked the scar and everything looked good.
They listened to my lungs and heart and everything sounded good.
They were pretty impressed that I was looking so good and feeling great!
We were out of there in about 20 minutes.
Next appointment is April 14...Good Friday...automatic day off!

Tammy just made me a new breakfast shake!
Pineapple and banana/strawberry yogurt and protein powder.
She froze it in the ice cube trays for me.
So easy to pop out of the freezer too and defrost.
She is such a peach.

Today for lunch we stopped at a restaurant.
Ahhh! Freak out!
I had lemon rice soup and avoided the rice and water.
I felt guilty eating out somewhere!
Later on we even stopped at Dairy Queen because it was so nice out.
Did you know they have sugar free and low fat ice cream bars?
It was pretty good and I was happy that I didn't have to be left out.

BJ and I went for our evening walk down to the house they're building.
We like to check its progress.
Tomorrow I may venture further.

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