Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Blender Mania!!

Tammy is a blender queen!
Can I just tell you all what she made for me?

For lunch yesterday I had chicken salad.
Blended up...looked nasty, but tasted great!

For dinner we had chili with chicken instead of beef.
I threw that in the blender and whipped it up.
Scary going down, but it stayed!
And it was awesome!

THEN for a snack!!!
She made a strawberry banana smoothie!!
She used yogurt and skim milk and added my protein powder.
It was awesome.
She froze the extras in little ice cube trays.
I think I'm going to defrost one for breakfast.

We went to the mall last night for a bit.
Good walking exercise.
I got a chair massage from these Chinese people.
It killed my back!!!
Bad Idea.

Current Weight: 273 lbs.
Total Lost: 13 lbs.

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